About Nelio 😎.

Hello! My name is Nelio Carneiro Junior and I’m a brazilian software engineer with more than 7 years of experience. Currently living in Warsaw, Poland.

I’m graduated in Computer Science at University Federal of Goias.

However, my history with computers has began a long time ago and I still remember it clearly when was that. The first time I saw a computer was with my father and he was playing Doom (yeah! that epic game) and I admit I got more scared than curious about it. It didn’t catch my interest. At that time (around 1993) computers weren’t that popular (at least not in Brazil). But a litte bit later, when I was only 7 years old, something really got me. I was at my friend’s house and he asked me if I would like to play agame in his computer. As I said yes, we went to the computer and after turn it on he started to type some commands in a black screen and then the game just shown up. From that day on I got a bit crazy about computers even though I earned my first computer several years later than that.

In 2005 I started my college graduation in Computer Science and I got my bachelor title in 2010.

At the same year I started my first job at Mara Turismo Hotel. It was a marvelous first experience. I was the only developer there and the hotel manager was a guy full of ideas. He really knew his business and were it could improve. As much as I learnt about software development I learnt about business. And it was great. Furthermore, the fact that I was the only developer there gave me a lot of opportunities to try new things and build a lot by my own (and learn with the many mistakes I used to make). I worked a lot with PHP and Javascript/JQuery. We created a software for online booking; an internal ticket system for the day to day hotel issues; a mobile friendly checklist application for room maids; a restaurant menu app for iPads and a lot of small others.

In the middle of 2012 I moved to another city and started working at Martins, the biggest distributor company in South America. I worked with the team responsible for the development and maintence of all sales softwares. It was a good experience to feel the pressure of making software that sells a few millions everyday. I worked on a lot of projects during my 2 years and a half there. The most important was the migration of the sales software for tablets (used to be on palm top pc’s). The software was a hybrid native/html and we used Java and Javascript/HTML (PhoneGAP).

At the beggining of 2015 I was invited to go to the ecommerce team - eFacil. My new role was to help the marketing area to achieve better results and also I was the responsible for the mobile development through the mobile web version and apps.

In the meantime I started a side project called SuperFax which is still alive. Is a Ruby on Rails web app to send faxes over the internet as easy and simple as possible.

I worked there until August of 2016 when I decided to move abroad. I went to Ireland for sabatic period (Dublin was my choice and I tell more about here). After just one month there I received an offer to work as a full stack developer at GreenLetterbox, position that I am until now. Ended up that my role went more for the Frontend side which I’m fully responsible right now. We make all the frontend with Javascript/ReactJS. We use PHP for backend and we run some background jobs in golang.

I’m a really enthusiastic of open source and I’ve been making some contributions. Mainly Ruby projects.

I used to play acoustic guitar quite often and also basketball (I take it serious though).

Because of my religion (Espiritism) I’ve done volunteer jobs since I was a kid. This experience has been a big thing in my life and has shaped my thinking towards helping others and on search for self improvent. I talked more about it here.

Feel free to reach out to me on my email or on twitter.